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Hohner Echo Harp

The good old double sider has always been popular in Scotland. It comes in various sizes and keys, which are always a fifth/fourth apart. It's Richter tuned. The Hohner Highlander which is based on the 55/80 Echo Harp has the sevenths flattened on the 'A' side to make it easier to play Highland Bagpipe music.

Tombo Band Deluxe

The Tombo Band Deluxe is, in my opinion, one of the best tremolos around. It's scale tuned, has a fast response and is very well made. It's also expensive but well worth the money as it lasts a long time. It comes in all keys.

Hohner Big Valley

The Hohner Big Valley is at the other end of the scale as it's very cheap, Richter tuned and quite loud. Quality varies and it doesn't usually last very long. I change them like guitarists change strings. Keys C/D.

Tombo 24

The Tombo 24 is the cheaper version of the Band Deluxe but is well made and has a good life. Keys are limited though. This is my prefered 'C' instrument.

Hohner Golden Melody

The Hohner Golden Melody is quite a loud instrument with a fairly wet tremolo effect and quite a good response. Richter tuned, the chords work well and give it a full sound. Mid price range and keys now only in 'C'. I have seen one in 'A'.

Hohner Echo Celeste

The Hohner Echo Celeste is quite a nice instrument, quite responsive and quite loud. Quality can vary but it's sensibly priced. It comes in all keys and is scale tuned.

Hohner 21 Deluxe

The Hohner 21 Deluxe has a bit more quality about it and has a nice round sound with a pleasing tremolo. Quite a new model from Hohner, it is scale tuned but the keys are limited.

Hohner Tremolo from Six Sided

This Hohner Tremolo is sold as a replacement instrument for the Tremolo Sextet. Not a loud instrument but has a good response and sound. It's Richter tuned with two full octaves above the root note. Keys available are C/G/D/A/F/Bb/E.

Hohner Johnny

The Johnny is an interesting instrument. It has a 2-voiced diatonic tuning. The upper plate, blow and draw, has a complete 'G' major scale in almost three octaves, while the lower plate reeds are tuned in 3rds, 5ths and 6ths. Hohner say ''The advantage of this tuning system is that it is almost impossible to play a ''wrong'' note''. Right or wrong it is an interesting sound and quite loud.

Seydel Hochlandsklange

The Hochlandsklange is almost identical to the Johnny but with a slightly lighter tone.

Hohner Comet

The Hohner Comet is Richter/octave tuned so is a bit fuller in sound than most tremolos. Quite a useful instrument to have just for its different sound. Keys are C/G and there is also a double sider available in C/G and C/F.

Hohner Super Chromonica

Although my preference is for the Tremolo the chromatic is a very useful instrument. The Hohner Super Chromonica comes in most keys and is solo tuned with three full octaves. Reversing the slide is probably the most useful way to use these instruments if you are mostly a diatonic player. The instrument still remains fully chromatic though. I have a key 'B' instrument with the slide reversed which gives me a 'C' instrument. The slide then being used mostly for ornamentation.

Seydel Chromatic Deluxe

The Seydel Chromatic Deluxe is identical to the Hohner but comes from the factory with the slide reversed in keys 'C' and 'G'. Also a nice sounding instrument.